We built a remote ethnography research app to help you understand behaviour of Chinese users in context

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate, and we see your need to move more R&D activities online. We are adapting our approaches to help you minimize future uncertainties and run remote ethnography research targeting the Chinese audience. That's why we created a remote ethnography research app called Recap.chat, a mobile platform that runs on both iOS and Android.

A one-stop solution for conducting ethnography studies remotely in China

Start your remote ethnography research with a minimum of 5 people & 5 mins per project. On Recap.chat, your users record audios & videos according to the instructions you provide, allowing you to see their everyday experiences. Our tool captures full audios of users speaking out loud, and videos of them talking or finishing a task during each session. The tool then uploads these recordings to a dashboard you can access. You can view user profiles, their response to your questions in text or on rating scales, full audios & videos, and the associated transcriptions and translations powered by AI on our customized dashboard.

Meet our researchers

Rafael Milewski

Ying is a UX researcher with an eye for detail and the ability to observe more about users than they represent about themselves and synthesize the data into meaningful insights. She specializes in helping UX Spot clients understand Gen X Chinese consumers.

AI-powered transcription & automated translation of Chinese audios uploaded by your customers

We provide an AI engine that automatically transcribes audios into Chinese texts when respondents upload videos/audios. Click the built-in translation button on the dashboard, and you get an automated English translation that syncs with the audio/video. These features allow your non-Chinese team members to quickly grasp what your users are talking about, without using human translators.

We do provide translation support covering instructions and other aspects of remote ethnography research. We also produce videos with simultaneous audio translation upon request.

Pair rating scales with videos to uncover hidden insights about your Chinese users

You can create and customize the tasks that users perform directly on Recap.chat. Access constantly uploading results on the go, with a combination of quantitative metrics (rating scales and survey questions) and qualitative data (audios & videos). Coupled with the quick AI transcription & translation solutions we provide, a mixture of different methods will help you paint a fuller picture of your users‘ habits, behaviours, and thoughts.

View visualized results in real-time on our interactive dashboard

Get to know your participants on your dashboard right from the beginning of our recruitment process. Select the ideal ones from our list and see their recruitment status. Grasp user responses through AI transcripts, as response appears immediately on your dashboard right after each user submits data. Decide whether you need automated translation, and interact with charts and graphs generated from the quantitative metrics we collect from surveys.

We help best in class companies run UX research in China.

Our remote ethnographic research process

Our expertise and professionalism set us apart.

Frequently asked questions on remote ethnography in China

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us your question directly and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of remote ethnography to on-site ethnographic research?

  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Can be done remotely from your own country
  • No need for a local research team

How long does a remote ethnography project in China take?

10-14 days in total, depending on if the project is long-term.

How much does remote ethnography cost in China

Each project is quoted individually and quoted per respondent, with the price based on 2 key factors:

  1. Your demographic criteria
  2. The length of each research session

If you’re ready to get started, fill in our quote request form (on recap.chat website) and our team will get back to you within 12 hrs.

Wrapping up a busy year at UX Spot our Research Director, Samuel Jesse was invited on The China Startup Pulse podcast to discuss UX best practices and product localization in China with host Oscar Romas from China Accelerator.

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