Our UX lab is setup with everything you need to run high-quality user research in China

As UX researchers ourselves we built our lab to be able to run a wide variety of different user research projects. We built our facility to be modular, to be able to run everything from 1-on-1 usability testing of apps and interactive hardware prototypes to qualitative focus group interviews. Our observation room boasts a 3.5-meter one-way mirror and seats to up 8, including a station for simultaneous translation to give clients the option of English or Chinese live audio lines.

Our interview/testing and observation rooms are connected with an HDMI matrix and balanced microphones in the ceilings to allow for a range of different devices, cameras, and hardware to be recorded, projected, and displayed on observation TV screens. The facility has a kitchen for food preparation, car park spaces directly below that connect to our HDMI matrix stationary in-car observation and a client lounge area.

The observation room is stocked with sparkling water, coffee, nuts, chocolates, and fruit. Let us know your team's preferences for lunch and we will arrange everything and anything from authentic Chinese dumplings to fresh western salads.

Testing / Interview Room

  • 32 square meters
  • 80" TV
  • 4K projector
  • 10 or 4 seat tables
  • Whiteboard
  • 2 x Rode M5 stereo microphones
  • 1080p PTZ remote HD camera
  • HDMI in-out video matrix
  • Air purifiers

Observation Room

  • 18 square meters
  • 3.5 meter 1-way mirror
  • 42” observation TV
  • Translation station
  • 8 seats/stations
  • 8 stereo headphones
  • 2 sound channels (translation/live)
  • Air purifiers

Kitchen / Lounge

  • Kitchen area / dining table
  • Refrigerator / freezer / microwave
  • Food prep area
  • Lounge area

Car Parking Spaces

  • LAN internet connection
  • Live stream audio/video

Find us on a map

3/F 176 Xietu Dong Lu

Huangpu, Shanghai

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Pudong Airport

40 minutes drive to the Pudong International Airport, which connects 90% of international flights to Shanghai.

The Bund

20 minutes to the heart of the city to the historic landmark of the bund and New Pudong business district in Shanghai.

In this UX study, we use AR as a lens to better understand cosmetic customers' needs: we aim to uncover how beauty tech users are engaging with these apps, and synthesize prescriptive solutions.

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