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Test, measure and optimize your UX in China

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Localizing in China can be hard. We make it easy.
  • Working on a user testing and expert review of our product they produced not only a regular report, but also a competitor analysis and recommendations for our product’s adaptation in the Chinese market. I absolutely recommend this company for UX activities in China.

  • They quickly got the point of what we want to achieve, and came up with a solid execution plan in a short turn around time. During the project execution phase, they met all the major timelines and demonstrated their professional expertise on user studies and design.

When we’re not running field studies for clients, we host our own tests to share.

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A QUALITATIVE STUDY 26th October 2018

Why and when users like using WeChat mini programs

Methodology: Focus Group Interviews

WeChat mini programs are shaking up the way brands are trying to reach their customers in China. But it seems some don’t understand why and when users like to use them, especially when compared to native mobile apps. We ran a series of focus groups to explore these questions.