Test your products on Chinese users in our Shanghai user research facility. Run usability testing, focus group interviews, user interviews, surveys and a wide range of qualitative and quantitative studies in our Shanghai research lab with observation rooms and support teams.

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We've researched thousands of Chinese users for companies like...

We’re different from the average research agency.

Through user research, we gain insights to optimize and localize the UX of your products in the Chinese market. UXSPOT was built as the research facility of Digital Creative agency in Shanghai, our team understands more than just research. We’re experts in the full cycle of digital products. How they’re designed, built, launched and most importantly, how they’re used in China.

Testing room

  • 32 square meters
  • 60" TV
  • 10 seat table
  • Whiteboard
  • 2 x Rode M5 stereo microphones
  • 1080p PTZ remote HD camera
  • HDMI in-out video matrix
  • Air purifiers

Observation room

  • 18 square meters
  • 3.5 meter 1-way mirror
  • 42” observation TV
  • Translation booth
  • 8 seats/stations
  • 8 stereo headphones
  • 2 sound channels (translation/live)
  • Air purifiers

Focus Groups

Gain an understanding of target users perceptions, reactions and beliefs by collecting data in a group environment to use to improve and develop your product.

Usability Testing

Test the user experience of your app, website or prototype on users to identify pain-points and enhance usability. Evaluate your interactive system to ensure its localized in China.

User Surveys

Online surveys allow us to quickly gather quantitative data around China from large pools of users. Our custom mobile survey platform is ideal to capture local insights.
user survey platform china
  • Chinese Interview Moderators

    Our professional moderators host interviews in Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese.

  • Recruiting Participants in China

    We recruit high-quality participants in China across various industry sectors and demographics.

  • Simultaneous Translation

    If your observers or researchers don’t speak Chinese we provide expert real-time translation.

  • One-way Mirror Observation Room

    Our observation room has 8 stations with translation or live headphone lines.

  • Research Recording

    Our facility has high-end video and audio equipment to observe and record research sessions.

  • Research Analysis & Reporting

    Documentation of research, reporting key findings, actionable recommendations.


WeChat Survey Platform

We’ve been working hard to build an advanced qualitative and quantitative user survey builder and WeChat mini program.

Build surveys and ethnographic studies using questions that include video recording, voice recording, photos, maps, and all the standard form types you can imagine. Launching June 2018

Launching June 2018

What our clients say…

They quickly got the point of what we want to achieve, and came up with a solid execution plan in a short turn around time. During the project execution phase, they met all the major timelines and demonstrated their professional expertise on user studies and design.

Brian Zhou - Country Engagement Manager (China)