Capture powerful quantitative insights on Chinese consumers through an online survey in China

Online surveys are a fast and efficient method for collecting quantitative data on your target consumers in China. Through creating an online questionnaire, we allow Chinese respondents to complete the questions remotely using interactive forms input on their mobile or desktop devices. Survey respondents are screened via a matrix of questions to ensure they match your criteria, while not revealing the goals of your research.

Using our on-the-ground knowledge and experience, we help brands, and research agencies localize their screening criteria, translate survey questions, and connect target respondents through the most trusted and relevant online panels in China. We clean the data and connect it to our custom-built data visualization platform for your analysis.

Filter and analyze survey results using our interactive survey platform in China

Our custom-built data visualization platform allows you to filter your survey results based on your respondent's demographics, allowing you to quickly dive deeper into your data to uncover insights like never before.

“We worked with the UX Spot team on a project gathering and analysing data via their online survey tool. It had interactive elements to allow us to visualise and dissect the results across several dimensions, thus facilitating speedy analysis and interpretation of the data.”

Ade Fabola

Ade Fabola - UX Research Team Lead at The Hut Group

UX Spot online survey results China platform

UX Spot online survey results China platform

Meet our researchers

Liang - Back-end Developer at UX Spot

Liang Shan

Zippora blends a background in psychology, advertising and design to form a distinct ability to connect with respondents while unravelling insights that matter most to your business. Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, Zippora manages and trains our UX research team in interview moderation to ensure our high standards are maintained across all projects.

We go to great lengths to ensure accurate and quality data for your online survey in China

Once respondents are thoroughly screened for an online survey, we ensure further technical restrictions are implemented on to the survey platform to help prevent respondent fraud. Duplicate completes from the same device are blocked using IP address detection and cookies. During the answering of survey questions, we harness artificial intelligence to measure speed, repetition, and self-contradiction to validate the responses are human and authentic. This process detects ‘straight-lining’ and ‘Christmas-tree’ pattern anomalies, thoughtlessly answers questions, and reduces the need for lengthy data cleaning.

Balance your quantitative data with qualitative data using mixed methodologies

We’ve run online surveys in China with hundreds of thousands of Chinese respondents, across multiple regions, tier cities and industries, including luxury, beauty, outbound tourism, digital, automotive, and new retail. More often than not we also pair quantitative online surveys with qualitative research such as focus groups and usability testing to uncover deeper insights and a more holistic lens on your consumers.

We help best in class companies run UX research in China.

Our Research Process

Our methodology and professionalism is what sets us apart

Frequently asked questions on online surveys in China

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How much does it cost to run an online survey in China?

While online surveys in China are a cost-effective method per respondent, the single highest cost is often the incentive fee due to a large number of respondents needed to reflect the representative sample, and reduce the margin or error. The survey screener and questions need to be translated, localized, or designed to effectively capture the right data from the right people in China. Once the online survey is completed, the data then needs to be cleaned. The output of this is raw data that can be analyzed, visualized, and reported in different ways to meet your requirements.

Incentives: The incentive and recruitment costs for your online survey in China are priced per respondent. The more respondents in your study, the higher the costs will be. Typically the cost will range between 30-60 CNY (4.2 - 8.4 USD) per respondent, but this can vary greatly depending on your respondent criteria and amount of questions in your online survey.

Survey design: The design of the screening and survey questions for your online survey can be provided by your team, designed by our team, or co-created. If you’re providing the survey in English, it will need to be translated by our team and potentially localized in areas to be adapted appropriately to the Chinese market. Survey design is billed on a time and materials basis or a fixed cost depending on the clarity of the brief.

Survey building: The setup of interactive forms to reflect the survey questionnaire, including multiple form input types and conditional question logic.  Your online survey is set up and tested on a web platform that is responsive and accessible. Survey building is billed on a time and materials basis or a fixed cost depending on the clarity of the brief.

Data cleaning: In order to get accurate results, data cleaning is required to correct corrupt or inaccurate records from a recordset. Data cleaning is billed at a fixed rate based on the survey size.

Data visualization: At UX Spot, we built our own web-based platform for visualizing data from survey results to provide you with a faster and more powerful visual analysis. The setup, mapping, and testing of your data visualization are billed at a fixed cost based on the complexity of survey question types, amount of questions, and filtering options.

Analysis and reporting: Reports delivered in English can range from a concise 6-page top-line report to in-depth 60-page reports that include a full summary and analysis of all survey questions and answers. The cost of analysis and reporting is usually billed at a fixed cost once the expected deliverables are aligned.
The costs for a complete survey project can vary greatly, depending mostly on the size of the survey, the number of respondents and your target demographic, and if additional research services are required. Generally speaking, survey projects typically range from $5,000 to 20,0000 USD.

How long does an online survey project in China take to run?

Running an online survey project in China typically takes around 4-6 weeks from start to finish depending on the complexity and length of the survey, the number of respondents in the survey, the complexity of the criteria for screening of respondents. As a rule of thumb, we need at least 2 weeks to design the screeners, survey questionnaire and build the survey, another 2 weeks to execute the online survey and depending on if we provide raw data or connect the data into our interactive visualization tool, another 1 to 2 weeks.

The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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