UX Spot was built to design better experiences for our client's users

It all started for us as a digital product agency back in 2011 making apps and websites in China, and by us, I mean Digital Creative the parent agency of UX Spot. Digital Creative was founded by and is run by designers, so design thinking and user-centric products have always been our core value. Even in our early years, UX design was the starting block of our process, but it wasn't easy to persuade clients to see this as a valuable step before UI or visual design of their products. It was assumed the role of designers was to know already what users wanted for each product. But the coming years saw China's digital ecosystem emerge as a global innovator and competition became fierce. The days of China being a copycat were over and brands knew they needed an edge in order to see customer growth and higher conversions. That edge was the optimization of user experiences.

Over the coming years, we began to focus on UX research as a means to get insights from real user data to drive our UX design. We fell in love with the power that user research gave us as a foundation for our projects, and most importantly the results that followed for our clients. Who would have thought? Find out what your users want and design your products based on their needs ends in success? (note the sarcasm). Jokes aside, we knew we were all-in on UX research, and at the end of 2016 we decided to build our own UX research lab, and form a dedicated team. UX Spot was born.

Meet the team

Samuel Jesse

Research Director & Co-founder

Samuel leads the UX Spot team understanding and helping the worlds best-in-class brands localize their digital products and customer experiences for Chinese users.

Zippora Lau

Lead moderator & Co-founder

Zippora is a qualitative master with a unique ability to connect with respondents, unravelling insights using a blend of psychology and human interaction design.

Jun Luo

UX Researcher & Designer

Jun is a UX researcher and designer with a skill-set covering the full range of digital, from research into design and front-end development.

Willy Lo

Project Manager

Willy is a multi-disciplinary researcher, designer and project manager, specializing in industrial design and digital products.

Ying Wang

UX Researcher

Ying is a UX researcher with an eye for detail and observing more about users than they represent about themselves.

Ken Chen

Recruitment manager

Ken is the recruitment manager and all-round people person at UX Spot, responsible for finding the ideal consumers for your project.

Wrapping up a busy 2018 at UX Spot our Research Director, Samuel Jesse was invited on The China Startup Pulse podcast to discuss UX best practices and product localization in China with host Oscar Romas from China Accelerator.

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