Understand automotive consumers in China to future-proof your strategy

With the popularity of connected cars exploding in China and around the world, the user experience has become a key factor in deciding to make a car purchase. Traditional OEM’s are becoming steel manufacturers while the new breed of EVs is presenting a new connected experience and lifestyle to consumers.

This new connected automotive revolution is still in its infancy, and quickly evolving with no clear standards and experiences defined. This presents the opportunity for rapid innovation and exploration, to come up with exciting new ways to improve and even redefine what automotive transport is today and into the future.
At UX Spot we harness UX research to uncover insights and learnings on Chinese automotive consumer habits, behaviours and interactions through a range of testing methods including:

  • In-lab usability testing and benchmarking (and observation) of prototypes including infotainments, seats, headrest, steering wheel, and clusters.
  • In-vehicle stationary (in-lab observation) usability testing and benchmarking.
  • Drive-along contextual inquiry and usability testing in real-life scenarios.
  • Diary studies capturing driving habits, behaviours and experiences from participants over time.

Our recruitment networks extend high into the automotive industry in China to be able to recruit both business-level executives for B2B research, and automotive consumers of EV and luxury cars.
Public transport and ride sharing are shifting ideas of car ownership

Passengers on public transport and riding sharing are increasing in China. Congested roads lead to subway systems being more reliable methods of commuting to work, while ride sharing offers more freedom.

Mobile phones are the primary navigation tool for drivers

Maps and navigation systems from OEMs are lagging behind in the robust functionality offered in Chinese mobile apps Baidu Maps and AutoNavi. The apps even offer navigation in choices of favourite celebrity voices.

Our automotive UX case studies

We ran usability testing and UX benchmarking on a future prototype of an automotive infotainment system and dashboard against best-in-class Chinese connected cars in our UX lab.

Through focus groups and in-depth interviews, we uncovered insights on future trends for car seats, from styles, colors, materials, seat arrangements to futuristic functionality.

Automotive UX research & design solutions to win you more customers

Test new prototypes with Chinese consumers

Understand how new automotive experiences and products perform with Chinese automotive consumers through usability testing, and UX benchmarking to compare with best-in-class experiences in China.

Understand how mobility is evolving in China

In many ways, China represents the future of mobility for the west. Understand how mobility is developing through Chinese consumers in focus group interviews, in-depth interviews and diary studies.

Design new connected experiences

Use research and UX design to craft new connected experiences for your consumers. Our team harnesses user data to design new experiences and interfaces for infotainments and connected mobile apps.

Innovate with omnichannel customer experiences

Learn how to connect with your target consumers with omnichannel customer experiences in China. Craft strategies using data from focus groups, in-depth interviews and online surveys to understand where and what to say.

Understand your brand perception in China

Brand localization and messaging is key to resonating with Chinese consumers. Find out how your brand is really perceived in China through online surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Innovate in China for the global market

The digital ecosystem in China has developed with maturity and speed faster than the west. Learn what innovation looks like in China though usability testing, UX design and UX expert reviews, and apply globally.

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The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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