Design, test and optimize your digital beauty experiences with Chinese consumers

The beauty industry in China presents brands with countless digital touchpoints to strengthen customer experiences and interactions. From learning about new products, channels to purchase, how to properly apply products - and everything in between, Chinese consumers are likely picking up their phones to find the answers. The opportunities to capture new customers are endless, but If you don’t have a tried and tested strategy your brand will be missing out or missing the mark.

China’s beauty market, and its consumer funnels require localization

The digital ecosystem in China is unique, as is the Chinese beauty industry, the products used and the way they are used. For western brands, this means that understanding and embracing Chinese culture and fully localizing customer experiences are vital for success here. UX Spot is a UX research lab in Shanghai built to help beauty brands understand Chinese consumer needs, preferences and behaviours through UX research to drive product design and shape business strategy.

We blend China beauty industry research experience with design and tech savvy solutions

The beauty industry is rapidly changing and beauty tech and the user experiences around using this new technology has become the new product. From virtual try-on cosmetics using AR (augmented reality) done remotely in apps or in-store with interactive kiosks, to using AI to identifying customers skin types to recommend personalized products, technology is playing an increasing role in the beauty industry in China. At UX Spot we blend user experience research with beauty technology and design solutions to help your brand innovate in China.
Cosmetic sales in China are on track to overtake the US by 2022

With the rapid growth in sales of premium products and an increase in domestic brand sales, China will soon be the largest cosmetic market in the world.

The male beauty industry is more than doubling every year

Major changes in social norms and popular culture are opening doors to new experiences and shopping behaviours.

Chinese social platforms are the main source of beauty product information for consumers

Peer reviews, user generated content are used to learn about new products and how to apply them.

Our beauty UX case studies

Exploratory qualitative user interviews with cosmetic consumers from tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities in China to influence and shape the design of augmented reality (AR) cosmetic apps.

We helped The Hut Group understand Chinese beauty consumers on a deeper level through focus groups, online surveys and usability testing to increase conversions on local e-commerce platforms.

Beauty UX research & design solutions to win you more customers

Usability test beauty apps with Chinese consumers

Don’t enter the market blindly. Test your apps and mini programs to see how they perform with target Chinese users through usability testing, and UX benchmarking to compare with best-in-class beauty experiences in China.

Optimize digital consumer funnels in China

Learn how to increase conversions of your consumer funnels in China through usability testing and design optimizations. Increase numerous metrics on your digital products from sign-up to purchase.

Design & test augmented reality beauty solutions

Augmented reality is taking off in the beauty industry with numerous AR apps already in the China market. We help you uncover needs for AR in user interviews, design new AR experiences and usability test them to validate.

Beauty and digital UX insights in China

Our team of researchers and designers provide UX expert reviews on the user experiences of the beauty industry in China along with providing UX design of personas, user journeys, sitemaps, and custom UX research reports.

The future of personalized beauty in China

3D printed facial masks to fit your face, smart lotions tailored to your DNA, beauty personalization is around the corner. We uncover future needs through user interviews and focus groups using custom exercises.

Interactive in-store tech solutions

How can your brand boost in-store customer experiences using technology? Through user interviews and in-store testing, we uncover insights to drive the UX design of new and interactive experiences.

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The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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