Identify pain-points and China localization issues quickly, with actionable recommendations and strategy

An expert review from a Chinese UX research/designer is a great way to gauge how your concepts, prototypes, or products will perform in China. The process is done is a shorter time than other UX methodologies as an expert review does not involve recruiting or interviewing participants. At UX Spot our local experts analyze your digital product and provide reporting on key pain-points and recommendations on how to best localize in China. There are three common scenarios we do expert reviews:

Pre-test expert review

We run an expert review prior to usability testing to identify common issues that would arise in testing. After we clean out the obvious red flags and make adjustments, we're then able to capture more meaningful data in the usability testing phase with real target users.

In-depth expert review

An expert review with the goal to provide you with a more in-depth analysis including best-in-class comparison, user journey review, performance analysis, steps to localize your digital product in the Chinese digital ecosystem and more. In this scenario, the expert review can help you re-evaluate your product’s entry strategy, and provide recommendations for actionable next steps.

Expert review & design optimization

We are not just researchers, our team also consists of designers and developers. Not only do we provide the UX recommendations, but have capabilities to implement redesigns and new design ideas for your product in China.

“They produced not only a regular report, but also a competitor analysis and recommendations for our product’s adaptation in the Chinese market. I absolutely recommend this company for UX activities in China.”

Ekaterina Loginova

Ekaterina Loginova - Head of International UX Research

Meet our researchers

Liang - Back-end Developer at UX Spot

Ying Wang

Willy is a multi-disciplinary UX researcher and project manager at UX Spot. Fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and English, Willy comes from a background in industrial design, specializing in researching between the cross-roads of digital and consumer physical products and how smart devices and experiences are shaping our future.

Our extensive experiences help us predict how Chinese users will interact with your products

Over the years we've run usability tests with thousands of Chinese participants from multiple regions. The accumulated experience helps us to predict the expectations of Chinese users, obvious pain-points, and how they will interact with an interface. Our expert reviews are performed as a team of 2-3 UX research/designers to ensure the analysis has more input, is more objective, and overall provides more value.

Our team's expertise is more than just research

UX Spot is not a regular UX research agency. We were born on the foundation of UX design and development. Our parent agency, Digital Creative, is a user-focused digital agency specializing in UX, UI design, and app development. This means we're able to also execute design optimization recommendations for your product in China.

We help best in class companies run UX research in China.

Our expert review process

A methodical approach to reviewing your product.

Frequently asked questions on expert review in China

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When should I run an expert review in China?

We recommend conducting an expert review at the very beginning of your plans to localize your product into China. By doing an expert review we can pick up on the most common usability flaw that we experience in our UX research, and provide general localization recommendations that will allow your team to prepare your product for more in-depth UX research that can focus on capturing more valuable and nuanced data.

The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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