UX upgrades are needed to seize opportunities in the complex IoT landscape

In the next 5 years, more than 20% of Chinese households will purchase their first personal IoT products, and most of these families reside in urban areas. This market offers enormous opportunities for IoT players. However, the needs of urban Chinese users are unique and quickly evolving with the rapidly developing digital environment. To attract and engage them, you need refined experiences that meet their complicated needs.

Design and optimize your IoT experiences for existing & prospective customers

Using UX research, we identify what your users think of your products & how to fine tune your connected experiences. Tech giants including Huawei, Xiaomi, Baidu and Alibaba, as well as traditional home appliance manufacturers, e.g., Haier and Midea have entered the personal IoT market. These established companies have impacts on consumer perceptions, expectations and mental models, which need to be understood before you launch or upgrade your IoT products.

Understand consumer expectations and optimize your connected experiences

At UX Spot, we leverage UX research to learn about IoT consumer perceptions, habits, and behavior in China by using a wide range of methods:

  • In-depth 1-on-1 user interviews or focus groups to uncover their habits, perceptions and expectations for personal IoT products.
  • Usability testing mobile app for smart devices in real-life scenarios.
  • Diary studies capturing habits, behaviors and experiences in daily life or using your product over time.
  • Expert reviews of current IoT users & recommendations for best channels to attract and engage your potential customers
  • Competitor analysis and competitive benchmarking to understand the opportunities & relative position of your personal IoT products in China.
  • Home visits of personal IoT users that reveal the authentic context and scenarios of connected experiences.
Chinese customers use personal IoT appliances to improve their quality of life and experience at home

More than 50% of Chinese urban residents agree that smart home products reduce the time spent on housework and make life easier for them.

In China, middle-aged urban residents are more reliant on connected appliances than young & elderly people

73% of middle-aged urban residents agree that they rely on connected home products, as they are busy with both careers and taking care of their families.

Our IoT UX case studies

We conducted an expert review for their existing product and platform, and designed their WeChat mini program to optimize their digital strategy in China.

UX research & design for IoT to engage your customers

Optimize your in-store IoT experiences for customers in China

Learn how to innovate interactive experiences for customers visiting your offline stores. We help you drive in-store consumer experiences by extracting insights from user interviews and in-store testing.

Discover challenges to IoT experiences for the Chinese market

Our team at UX Spot conducts user interviews and focus groups to identify the potential challenges of IoT experiences in China, from practicality, privacy concerns, to integrating multiple devices.

Usability test mobile apps for IoT products with Chinese consumers

Enter the Chinese market with confidence. Usability test and benchmark your apps and mini-programs to evaluate their relative performance against best-in-class competitors among Chinese users.

Use insights from UX research to innovate connected experiences

Leverage UX research to learn about users’ pain points, and create new experiences that address their frustrations. We draw on these insights to design creative interfaces & dashboards for connected mobile apps.

Boost consumer engagement with experience design

Use interviews and diary studies to understand user behaviors over time and discover opportunities to engage them in the long run. Our team explores consumer data to identify the key pain points during long term use.

Understand the future of connectivity & smart homes in China

Connected home security systems that automatically identify intruders, smart home controls that optimize sleep…We discover future needs in the Chinese market through user interviews and focus groups with custom activities.

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The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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