Validate your products on Chinese financial customers with usability testing

With China becoming the largest FinTech market in the world, digitized financial services like mobile payment & lending, investment tools, wealth & asset management, etc., start to be embraced by China and its digitally savvy users. What they are expecting is a more interactive financial user experience that can be secure, professional, seamless, and easy-to-use at the same time. At UX Spot we conduct usability tests for your financial apps, finding out if your products, services, or concepts are good ones for Chinese users before you launch them. With hybrid UX research methods customized for your needs, we help validate your product values & concepts with Chinese millennials and sophisticated investors, test your product’s functionality & workflow against top-tier finance industry competitors, and create an improved user experience that will powerfully appeal to your Chinese customers.

User research for financial institutions to better understand your Chinese customers’ investment habits

UX Spot leverages mixed user experience research approaches from qualitative interviews to quantitative methods to help financial institutions understand your end-users in China thoroughly and accurately. To achieve such goals:

  • We usability test your financial apps with personal and business users in China — from mass-market consumers to finance industry practitioners to business owners, creating valid user personas with unbiased data including demographics, personalities, investing habits, relationships with other financial services, etc.
  • Leverage focus groups with online surveys as a supplement, to provide a holistic landscape of your target Chinese users — what they desire and how they select from existing financial services.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to discover the path users go through with the entire flow and each feature of your financial mobile apps — from signing up to account opening to transactions — to figure out how your products are interacted with Chinese investors.
  • Through close observation and informative discussion, our experienced UX researchers unearth the essential goals Chinese users want to achieve and the major pain points they face when using digital financial services.

Gain insights from UX research to boost your financial services in China

In China, consumers inherit a unique culture of financial management which is significantly different from their counterparts in western countries. The large amount of underbanked population and the penetration of mobile payment create not only opportunities but also challenges and uncertainties for financial institutions in China. With a user-centric workflow or carefully designed interface, finance companies can have a better chance of winning Chinese customers. At UX Spot we implement custom UX research with proven research methodologies to help you accurately understand your existing & prospective users and introduce your products to the Chinese financial market more effectively.

Innovate financial institutions with UX experiences unique to Chinese customers

UX Spot provides high-quality user experience research and design for a wide range of financial institutions and your services in China. We collaborate closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and provide UX solutions unique to your target Chinese customers. We have expertise in working for financial institutions & services as follows:

  • digital investment & trading tools
  • online banking systems
  • insurance transaction platforms
  • blockchain and crypto services platforms
  • digital wealth & asset management tools
  • mobile payment & lending platforms
China is on its way to becoming a cashless society after Covid-19

Mobile payments currently account for 4 out of every 5 payments in China. Around 852.5 million people used mobile payment transactions in China in December 2020, up from around 765 million users in March 2020.

Huge growth potential for online wealth management

Personal investable assets in China are estimated to grow at a compound rate of 10% from 160 trillion yuan in 2019 to 287 trillion yuan by 2025.

Expanding market for InsurTech

Online insurance premiums currently account for less than 8% of total Chinese insurance premiums, suggesting tremendous market potential of China's insurtech.

Our finance UX case studies

We have established a long-term partnership with UBS, and used interactive testing to improve their digital transaction experience in China.

We helped validate their platform with Chinese investors to uncover users’ major pain points and find out long-term challenges.

Financial Services UX research & design to drive your business in China

Usability test your financial apps with target Chinese customers

We run usability testing for your financial apps, to see how it works with real Chinese users, what fascinates or troubles users the most, and where to improve it. We test across different financial institutions, audiences, and all stages of your product lifecycles.

Benchmark your financial apps against top-notch peers in China

We drill down into key indicators to measure the UX performance of your financial products against best-in-class competitors in China. With insights into the Chinese finance market, we help you validate product positioning, navigate future strategy and drive business goals.

Generate actionable UX solutions for financial apps with iterative testing

We conduct UX Sprint sessions to constantly evaluate, test and optimize your financial apps. Our team collaborates with stakeholders to examine the challenges your products face, and fix them efficiently through research, sketch, prototyping, and iterative testing.

Get finance industry insights from UX experts for future market strategy in China

Financial UX is not just about knowing finance and design, but also about marketing, human behaviors, technology, etc. Our multi-disciplinary UX experts help examine your financial product, uncover potential challenges and provide analytical reports with high-quality data on the Chinese finance industry.

Record Chinese customers’ investment habits with innovative UX research tool

Ever thinking about learning long-term user behaviors in more diverse scenarios? With Recap.Chat, our newly developed research tool, we can conduct diary studies and contextual interviews to observe how Chinese customers interact with your financial products in real-life settings over time.

We make your financial user experiences professional, fun, and pretty

Based on solid UX research, we help increase your financial UX functionally and visually by redesigning it. Knowing what's essential for financial apps to impress Chinese audiences, our design team aims to build a professional, trustworthy, simplistic, and interactive UX for your financial services.

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The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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