Stand out in the rapidly growing Chinese gaming market with playtests

It’s no surprise that China has the largest video game player base in the world. In the wake of the pandemic, more people try out and end up adopting games as a stay-at-home entertainment. We leverage UX research to help you understand Chinese players and their habits so that you can enter the Chinese gaming market with more confidence.

With a mix of local and Western game developers competing in the market, Chinese players have developed a rich and evolving gaming culture, which local gaming giants like Tencent and NetEase capitalize on. In China, game platforms at home and abroad (WeGame, Steam, Origin) are competing to establish their popularity, changing how games acquire Chinese users. With UX research, we help you identify the best way to promote and optimize your games for your target Chinese users.

Pair play tests with UX interviews to understand Chinese gamers in context

We support both onsite and remote testing of game prototypes & products. You can observe the entire process of Chinese users interacting with your product in single or multiple play sessions, which are recorded and simultaneously translated. We also conduct post-session interviews to follow up on your players’ preferences of gaming platforms, perceptions & opinions.

With a range of methods from focus group activities to playtests, we can not only help you validate fully functional games with Chinese gamers, but also test your initial ideas, concepts, prototypes and even music. Tell us the targeted type of gamer (casual/hardcore) & their demographics (location, age, etc.), and we will get the high-quality participants you need through screening questionnaires and phone interviews.
China has the largest video game market in the world

There are 600 million video gamers in China, and they play on both PC and smartphones.

Game streaming is extremely popular among Chinese players

Kuaishou, which owns one of the top game streaming platforms in China, has over 35 mn daily active users.

Lower-tier cities offer lucrative opportunities for game developers

76% of Chinese players live in Tier 3, 4 and 5 cities, and they contribute 70% of the revenue.  

Our gaming UX case studies

We connected CA with gamers across tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities in China to understand their preferences & expectations.

We conduct interviews with multiple gamer groups to explore their preferences & needs.

Gaming UX research to attract & engage your users

Leverage UX research to promote games effectively in China

Through UX research methods like focus groups, you can gain a much better understanding of the gaming culture and its ecosystem in China. Find out the most appropriate gaming & content platform to promote your games, and discover business opportunities in crossover collaborations & game streaming in China.

Conduct playtests on with your target Chinese gamers

Learn how Chinese gamers interact with and react to the flow of your game. We ensure you achieve better, smoother user experiences by uncovering insights from both observation and discussions during playtests.

Identify challenges to an ideal gaming experience for Chinese users

At UX Spot, we run user interviews and focus groups to discuss various aspects of your games, including player acquisition, game loops, storyline, characters, etc. We help you identify & correct any issues that may undermine your games’ popularity among Chinese players.

Track the behaviour of Chinese gamers in context & over time

How can you maintain the interest of Chinese players in the long run? With our mobile diary study tool Recap.Chat, you can understand Chinese gamers’ immediate thoughts every time they finish interacting with your games. Diary studies can span days and even weeks according to your need.

We reach out to gamers from lower-tier Chinese cities

Don’t ignore gamers outside large cities like Beijing & Shanghai - these gamers constitute over 70% of the Chinese gamer population. Our team at UX Spot regularly travel to other cities to conduct playtests/interviews and offer recruitment services across China.

Capture quantitative insights about Chinese gamers through surveys

Allow a large number of Chinese gamers to answer questions that address your concerns and research questions. We help you get the survey data related to your design or business decisions, and provide an end-to-end solution from survey respondent recruitment to reporting.

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The iterative process of building two remote research tools and using them in the wild taught us many things about how to run remote UX research in China to a high standard. We put together a list of things we learned that you could apply to your projects.

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