WeChat mini programs are mini-apps inside of the WeChat app that doesn’t require download or installation, they are loaded dynamically like a website is in a browser.

  • WeChat saturation
    Nearly everyone in China is already using WeChat. Every-day.
    Daily active users: 1 billion +
    Avg. daily time in WeChat: 77 minutes
    Daily WeChat Pay transactions: 1 billion +
    Audio / video calls per day: 450 million
  • Easy to access
    Making it very easy for users to enter a mini program from over 60 places within WeChat.
    Pull-down menu on WeChat homepage, WeChat official accounts, embedded in articles, group & friend sharing, scanning a QR code, the discover tab, searching, and advertising.
  • WeChat Pay
    WeChat Pay, WeChat’s integrated digital wallet for its users, allows e-commerce mini programs to flourish in China’s mostly cashless 020 economy.
    2019 WeChat mini program sales: 800 billion
  • Authentication
    Registration & login to WeChat mini programs are frictionless, as users are authenticated via their WeChat accounts. It’s quick and easy to enter new mini programs and achieve tasks within seconds.

UXSPOT is a user research facility in Shanghai. We run usability testing, focus group interviews, user interviews, UX & co-design workshops for the worlds leading companies in our custom built user experience lab in China.

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