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User Testing
Facility in Shanghai

Our custom-built testing lab has everything you need to run qualitative research in Shanghai.

High-end audiovisual recording, translating & observation system

The perfect facility in Shanghai to run your focus group interviews , user testing , usability testing , and other qualitative user research methods. We built this facility with your research and testing needs in mind.

Testing / Interview Room

  • 32 square meters
  • 60" TV
  • 10 or 4 seat tables
  • Whiteboard
  • 2 x Rode M5 stereo microphones
  • 1080p PTZ remote HD camera
  • HDMI in-out video matrix
  • Air purifiers

Observation room

  • 18 square meters
  • 3.5 meter 1-way mirror
  • 42” observation TV
  • Translation booth
  • 8 seats/stations
  • 8 stereo headphones
  • 2 sound channels (translation/live)
  • Air purifiers

Shanghai Facility Location

Lab 304, Building 3,Honghui YinyuewanPudong, Shanghai, China
Google Map

Pudong Airport

40 mins drive to the Pudong International Airport, which connects 90% of international flights to Shanghai city.

The Bund

15 mins to the heart of the city, one of the most iconic landmark and outstanding business district in China.

When we’re not running user testing for clients, we host our own tests to share.

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A QUALITATIVE STUDY 26th October 2018

Why and when users like using WeChat mini programs

Methodology: Focus Group Interviews

WeChat mini programs are shaking up the way brands are trying to reach their customers in China. But it seems some don’t understand why and when users like to use them, especially when compared to native mobile apps. We ran a series of focus groups to explore these questions.