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Field Studies
in China

Collect insightful data on the experiences of your target users in their natural context in China.
We help best in class companies run UX research in China.

Understand the needs of Chinese consumers

Learn the different ways people in China are using products, or what features would be useful to them. Carry out field studies in China to reveal their underlying goals and behaviours. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Participant Recruitment

We recruit high-quality participants in China over various industries and demographics for your field studies.

Contextual Inquiry

Interview users in their own environment in China to gain information on practices, social, physical and the tools of their trades.

Shopping Experience

Send users into the field in China to complete shopping tasks in specific locations while being observed in-person or remotely.

Customer Visits

Visit customers in China at their workplace or homes to conduct interviews, observations and collect data.

Remote Interviews

Use our custom WeChat mini program to conduct remote interviews and qualitative surveys. Capture audio and video qualitative answers.

Analysis & Reporting

Documentation of research, analysis and reporting key findings of the user testing with actionable takeaways.

Connected car research - Installing 360° video observation
Connected car research - Installing 360° video observation
Connected car research - Installing 360° video observation

Our Research Process

Our methodology and professionalism is what sets us apart

When we’re not running field studies for clients, we host our own tests to share.

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A QUALITATIVE STUDY 26th October 2018

Why and when users like using WeChat mini programs

Methodology: Focus Group Interviews

WeChat mini programs are shaking up the way brands are trying to reach their customers in China. But it seems some don’t understand why and when users like to use them, especially when compared to native mobile apps. We ran a series of focus groups to explore these questions.